Growth Groups

Growth Groups are our mid-week Bible studies. These groups are meant to help our church members grow as they are shepherded, learn alongside one another, and care for one another. 

This New Year, we will have four Growth Groups meeting throughout the week. The duration of each group will vary depending on the material of each group.

Be sure to sign up, as each group will have limited spots and will fill up quickly!

Mondays: Sermon Review 
This growth group will dive into a sermon review of the previous Sunday's message. 
At The Van Velzer Home at 6PM starting on February 1st
Contact Hans Van Velzer (714)-519-9399.
Sign up HERE.

The Attributes of God 
This growth group will be in a study of the book The Attributes of God by AW Pink. Sign up below and get a copy of this book here. 
At The Roberts Home at 6:30PM starting on February 2nd
Contact Kent Roberts (530)-356-0033
Sign up HERE

Thursdays: "How to Study Your Bible"
Bring your Bibles to this growth group as we learn how to study your Bible. 
At The Grasmick Home at 7PM starting on February 4th
Contact Justin Grasmick (909)-702-6672.
Sign up HERE

Fridays: Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands
This growth group will be studying the book Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands: People in Need of Change Helping People in Need of Change by Paul David Tripp. Sign up below.
On Zoom at 7PM starting on February 5th
Contact Mark Severance (805)-368-8973.
Sign up HERE.