Growth Groups

Growth Groups are our mid-week Bible studies. These groups are meant to help our church members grow as they are shepherded, learn alongside one another, and care for one another. 

This Fall, we will have four Growth Groups meeting throughout the week. Groups will begin the third week of September, contact a leader to join. 

Mondays: “Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners & Sufferers” - D. C. Ortlund
This book answers the question of how Jesus feels about his people amid all their sins and failures, and looks at the loving heart of Jesus Christ. Jesus said he is “gentle and lowly in heart.” This book reflects on these words, opening up a central truth about who he is for sinners and sufferers today.
At The Van Velzer Home from 6:30PM starting on September 14.
Contact Hans Van Velzer (714)-519-9399..

Christianity Explained
For many of us, evangelism is daunting. Where do we start? What's a good method? In this study, we'll learn how to use the gospel of Mark to introduce our friends and neighbors to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
At The Durso Home at 7PM starting on September 16th. 
Contact Eric Durso (760) -685-7493.

Thursdays: Basic Christianity
What are the core doctrines of the Christian Faith?  What does it mean to say Jesus is the Christ?  How should we understand the role and nature of the Holy Spirit and the Church? Learn the foundational truths of the Christian faith.
At The Grasmick Home at 7PM starting on September 17th.
Contact Justin Grasmick (909)-702-6672.

Fridays: Dig, Dash, Dive
We’ll dig into the past week’s sermon, dash to the Lord in prayer, and dive into one another’s lives. Join us as we study and seek to apply God’s Word, pray for one another and our church, and spur one another on towards love and good deeds.
At The Severance Home at 7PM starting on September 18th.
Contact Mark Severance (805)-368-8973.