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Committed to One Another

It is one of the great privileges of my life to be able to be your pastor. I am humbled that God would be so kind to me, giving me this congregation to love and serve and teach and shepherd.

When Pastor Roy announced his retirement there were some difficult decisions to be made. Many of you found yourself in this hard place, wondering what would happen next and whether or not you should stick around.

If you’re here, you decided to hang around. I trust one of the reasons you stayed is you were trusting the Lord to lead this church through the uncertainty. You knew the Lord could bring about the changes necessary to bring this church back to health and viability. If that’s you, I want to commend you, thank you, and encourage you do press on in the Lord.

Everyone here has commitments. First, we’re committed to our Lord Jesus. That’s foremost. Underneath that, we make commitments to one another. As a pastor among you, here are some of my commitments to you.

  • I am committed to love you as well as I can.
  • I am committed to teach and preach God’s Word as best I know how.
  • I am committed to pray regularly for you by name.
  • I am committed to sharing life with you as my new family.
  • I am committed to staying here for the long haul if the Lord wills.

Can I ask you to make some commitments to me as well?

  • Will you pray for me and my family?
  • Will you love and protect my wife and kids?
  • Will you put up with my quirks, missteps, and shortcomings?
  • Will you pray that our church continues to grow toward health, even to the point where we’re making disciples, training leaders, and reaching our community?

It is an immense privilege to be a part of this church. I look forward to gathering with you each Sunday. Please, continue praying for a growing love for Christ, an increasing sense of unity, and a heightening zeal for service. The Lord is worthy.

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