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Our Good Shepherd Goes Before Us

God is working here. We know this is true first of all because we’re not dead yet. As long as we’re alive, God has prepared good works for us to walk in (Eph. 2:10). But this is also evident in the amazing providence that we’ve seen as three churches from three cities are coming together under one Lord with one mission: Glorify God by making disciples.

This opportunity came to us in October 2017 and we weren’t sure how it could possibly work. Our leadership decided to pursue it, knowing it would fail if the Lord’s hand was not in it. We knew that for us to move a group of committed members from our church in Simi over 70 miles to be a part of a much smaller church in a brand new community would be crazy. So we prayed. We trusted that each member who moved to Rancho would have an amazing story of God’s providential care. Months later, it seems every week new stories of God’s faithfulness are delivered on our doorstep.

Clearly our Good Shepherd goes before us. The way isn’t always comfortable, but it’s good. We trust as the new members from Simi and Orange settle in here in Rancho, Jesus will continue to lead us. He will lead us into new areas of ministry, evangelism, and discipleship. He will give us new relationships to invest in and people to care for. There will be much work to do, and we’ll all need to pitch in!

Would you continue praying for the work before us? We don’t know what’s going to happen. But we do have some big prayers. We’re praying for more workers for the harvest (Lk. 10:2). We’re praying for God to grow our church by conversions. We’re praying for God to raise up pastors, planters, and missionaries. There is so much unbelief here in our community, and so much need for Christ. Let’s pray, work, and give for this great work!

God is stirring in the hearts of his people to move. The good hand of our Lord is upon us. Let’s be strong and courageous as we march forward behind our leader Jesus Christ, “making disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19). There’s no greater calling.

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