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The Greatest Need of Our Church

To be a Christian is a thrilling thing. It is to be a walking miracle. It is to have experienced the most dramatic transformation a human being could possibly undergo. It is to have been saved by grace, changed by grace, and empowered by grace for the service of God. And it is to be given freely an eternal inheritance in Christ Jesus. What have we done do deserve this? Nothing.

Childlike wonder ought to be a normal characteristic of a Christian. The early church was characterized by “awe” (Acts 2:42) as they listened to the apostles’ teaching about Christ. There was a holy fear, a reverence amidst the gathered church. There was a joyful sobriety, a mix of gravity and gladness, a humble overflow of brimming happiness. Why? Because they had a clear understanding of who they were, what Christ had done, and the immense privilege serving him.

This is the greatest need of our church as we begin this new season. Yes, there are renovations needed. Some aspects of the building need to be updated. The website needs some work. We could use some help printing bulletins and greeting visitors. But these are all incidental. What we need this hour, and in every hour hereafter, is a clear, soaring vision of the majesty of Jesus Christ, before which we prostrate ourselves in holy wonder, amazed that such a king would grant us pardon and invite us to march with him to battle.

I remember once hearing about a pulpit with a plaque inside that read, “Sir, we wish to see Jesus!” This is the whole point of the pulpit, and it is humanity’s greatest need. This is why for the coming months, we will be preaching through the Sermon on the Mount. Soldiers look to their captain for marching orders, and what better place for Christians to look than to Christ’s inaugural message? We wish to see Jesus.

So please pray. May Christ be exalted, and may we be humbled before him. And as the wonder of knowing Christ wells within us, may we be emboldened to take our message to our neighbors and to the nations.