Our Story

In February 2017 some pastors from Grace Church of Simi Valley started praying about expanding the ministry and replicating it in a new place. They were open to planting or revitalizing a church, and were praying for clarity and direction.

Throughout summer, the staff and elders committed this to prayer. Specifically, they were asking mainly for clarity in three areas: 1) where will we go?, 2) who will come with?, and 3) how should we do this?

They prayed this way until early October when a few leaders were invited to a meeting of churches to discuss the future of Grace Fellowship of Alta Loma. Their pastor, Roy Halberg, who had served the church faithfully for 15 years, was retiring at the end of the year. The church had a massive property and a small group of saints in need of help. Roy told the group of pastors that the church needed revitalization.

Grace Simi felt this was an answer to their prayers. They began working with Grace Fellowship to develop a plan to bring the church back to health. In November 2017, the Grace Simi and Grace Fellowship agreed to send Eric Durso and a team. On January 1st, the church was renamed Grace Church of Rancho Cucamonga (Grace Rancho), and Eric Durso became the lead pastor.

Grace Rancho exists today because of the vision of sending churches. Grace Simi sent around 30 individuals to Grace Rancho. Grace Orange, another participating church, is sending and supporting Michael Sciarra to be a Pastoral Assistant. From the beginning, the Lord has been at work to provide far more than ever expected. It is by his grace and abundant provision that he has raised up biblically qualified men to lead the church as elders and provided the necessary finances for Grace Rancho to become an autonomous local church on January 19, 2020.

Grace Rancho has sending in its DNA, and we hope to continue the tradition of training and sending leaders to plant, revitalize, or serve in other churches.

If you’re interested in participating in this or a future revitalization project, please contact us here: .