COVID-19 Resource Page

If you are looking for church updates during our time apart due to COVID-19, please go to our announcements page.

Do you have a little more time these days? 

What if we used this time to read and study a little more? We’re creating this webpage to be a resource for you to do that. We’ll be sharing this webpage from time to time, allowing you to see what we’re reading and recommending.


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Books We’re Reading:


  • Ligonier Ministries. Founded by the late R.C. Sproul, Ligonier is a reliable ministry that has generously made all their video content free for the time being. If you’ve got the time, watch Dr. Sproul’s lectures on “The Holiness of God.” They just might change your life.

  • Desiring God. John Piper’s ministry is filled with God-saturated content. The sermons, biographies, and articles are often great sources of encouragement. 

  • Challies. Tim Challies writes great articles and curates good stuff from all around the internet. Take a look.

  • Grace to You. John Macarthur’s five decades of preaching are available free online. 


We've been posting videos to social media during the week to encourage you and start good conversations among our members. If you haven't yet, watch these videos below and then share, discuss, pray, and act.